About Human Systems


To develop, share, and collaborate on innovative researched ideas that empower humans and systems to achieve greater health and wellbeing.


Thriving humans and systems.


Operating Principles

Healthy Systems

  • Assume the best: Everybody is doing the best they can with what they have and what they know.
  • Focus on the vision: The best way forward moves us toward what we want, not away from what we fear.
  • Enable autonomy: A challenge is best solved by the person or group most affected.
  • Pursue collective truth: The truth lies in the combined perspective and experiences of all stakeholders.
  • Align outsides with insides: Purposefully aligning our words and actions with our values and beliefs allows effective leadership and growth to emerge.

Human Wellbeing

  • Equal worth: My worth is equal to that of every other human being.
  • Emotional value: Awareness and acceptance of my emotions creates space for compassion and balance.
  • Self-surrender: Releasing my problems to the source brings peace and creates order out of chaos.
  • Empowered transformation: Nurturing relationships with shared goals enables my empowerment, healing, and growth.
  • Unique purpose: Pursuing my unique and valuable contribution to the world fulfills my human purpose.

HS Geographical Reach

HS collaborators* and customers** live on five continents (North America, Eurasia, Australia, Africa, and South America) and 39 countries and territories as of March 2024. Pink pins represent collaborators; orange pins represent customers. The map image is updated monthly.

*HS Collaborator: A person or system who participates in mutual learning and development via HS Learning or other custom projects.

**HS Customer: A person or system who purchases products from the HS Shop.

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