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Human Systems Partners

Project: Collaboration on revised Leadership Certificate program; collaboration on distribution and testing of Mindful Leadership Model Assessment

Services: Continuing Professional Education workshops

Project: Collaboration on development of a Turkish-language HS Emotion Wheel III.

Project: Collaboration on development of Spanish-language HS Emotion Wheel III.

Hyun Choi Therapy

Project: Collaboration on development of Korean-language HS Emotion Wheel III.

Human Systems Clients

Services: Emotional Competence in Relationships and Organizations Workshop; Conflict Management in Relationships and Organizations Workshop

Kaiser Permanente

Services: Continuing professional education workshops, HS Mindful Leadership coaching

As a licensed clinical social worker, organizational leader and practicing mental health therapist I have found Dr. Peter’s presentations and trainings to be rich in knowledge with actionable skills that are easily transferable to the day to day work. Dr. Peters combines her expertise in organizational systems, human behavior and emotional processing to provide both foundational and advanced training in the field of human services. I have personally found Dr. Peters work to be unmatched by other trainers in the field. Quite simply, the quality of the material that Dr. Peters delivers has proven to be both deep and accessible simultaneously.
Erin VanLuven, Director of Operations
Behavioral Health Services
Kaiser Permanente

Services: Family Mindfulness Classes

Arundel Child Care Connections

Services:  Mission/Vision revision, Strategic planning

The Human Systems mission/vision revision and strategic planning process was very worthwhile, very worth the investment, and especially helpful in a time of leadership transition. We use the operating principles we developed with Dr. Peters’ guidance every day. The strategic planning sessions and work groups have both moved our strategic plan implementation forward and significantly improved the relationships and communication between Board and Staff. Having a purpose behind every decision – being able to link every decision to our mission, vision, and strategic plan – is invaluable.” –Germaine Adams, Executive Director

Services: Continuing professional education workshops

Colby Peters, Ph.D, LCSW-C is one of NASW-MD’s outstanding continuing education presenters, and I have worked with her for more than two years. Colby is a dedicated social worker and is always creating timely and relevant workshops on topics important to social workers in the field. She is flexible with making time in her schedule and tweaking workshops to fit the needs of NASW-MD. She has presented at conferences as well as stand-alone workshops, and is considered one of our regular speakers. Colby is a professional in every way. Since the pandemic, NASW-MD has changed from in-person workshops to live webinars, and Colby was immediately willing to make the change with us. She attended our training session to become familiar with our GoToWebinar platform. She logs in early to make sure everything is ready for each presentation, and she follows the NASW-MD and BSWE guidelines in her presentations. You can’t go wrong when you work with Colby, and I highly recommend her for any professional position she is seeking.
Jenni Williams, Director of Continuing Education and Communication

Services: Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching, including vision and mission development and business plan guidance

Social Worker Peer Support Network

Services: Mission/vision revision, grant writing, research, and model development

Pro Bono Work

Support for Community Work

  • Supporting Psychology Club students in community work to increase awareness around children’s mental health
(April 2023 – Present)



  • Extract relevant information from scientific research on cases of spontaneous remission from cancer and other life-threatening diseases to create a searchable database of non-medical interventions
(April 2022 – October 2022)


Invited Member of the Editorial Board

  • Review articles and recommend for publication
  • Participate in decision-making about Journal focus and contents
(May 2021 – June 2022)


Volunteer/Pro Bono Work

Certified Mentor for small business development; have counseled several clients on mission/vision development, organizational culture change, board and staff development, business plan development, and marketing.

(March 2020 – March 2021)

As Board Vice President and later, President, Dr. Peters led several initiatives that had a significant positive impact on the health and sustainability of this nonprofit, including:

  • Leading Board and Staff through a budget crisis that could have resulted in closing the doors after 20 years of service – AACRC is now in a better financial position than it has ever been, with an effective, transparent budgeting process and well-deserved raises for Staff.
  • Designing and implementing a process for recruiting and accepting new Board Members who have the skills and capacity to make significant contributions to the sustainability and growth of AACRC.
  • Developing and implementing an annual “Voice of the Employee” survey, along with a process that ensures follow-up and follow-through.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive conflict resolution policy that reflects AACRC values.

As the Board Chair of AACRC, Dr. S. Colby Peters ushered in standards of excellence as well as keen sense of organization and strategic thought the center needed to retain staff, attract and retain diverse volunteers, implement measurements for growth, and stabilize financially. I am forever grateful for Colby’s dedication to service to the center throughout her tenure on our board. Without her expertise we would not be positioned as the community mediation center we are today.
Georgia Noone-Sherrod, Executive Director

(February 2019 – December 2020)

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