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Community Engagement

Community engagement for your organization

Why is community engagement important for your organization?

Community embedding, or creating complex ties between your organization and the surrounding physical community, is one of the best investments you can make for the sustainability of your organization. The mutual resource-sharing that happens between an embedded organization and its community will be invaluable to both you and the community. Community embedding can be accomplished with any kind of organization, regardless of what kind of services they offer. In some cases, purposeful and planned community engagement is absolutely critical to success, as in cases of new construction – whether for a community center, new shops, or new housing. Healthcare in particular is moving towards an intensive community engagement model because we are realizing that preventative care is the most effective and cost-efficient way to keep everybody in a community healthy. Take the Community Embedding Organizational Health Assessment, part of the Human Systems Healthy Organizations Assessment Series. Watch our fun doodle video on Healthy Organizations.


Community Needs Assessment

One of the first things you need to find out to embed your organization is what your community needs and wants. Human Systems can analyze existing documents as well as conduct focus groups and individual interviews to determine what is lacking and how your organization can fill the gap. If you are a human services organization developing programs, you will of course want to know what kinds of programs and program design would be more useful. Possibilities for action could be group volunteering, resource-sharing, information-sharing, or mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses and organizations.

Solution-Focused Facilitated Workgroup

The best ideas about how to engage with the community will come from the collective knowledge of your employees. Human Systems can provide expert facilitation with a group of your employees to develop a strategy for embedding your organization in the surrounding community for mutually beneficial relationships. From ideas to implementation, we can help you at any and all stages of community relationship-building.

Understanding Your Place in the Community with the CIM

The Circles of Influence Method (CIM) is a tool designed by Human Systems to help you understand how your organization operates in a system that includes other organizations, people outside the system, public agencies, and other entities. Discovering how your organization relates to outside current and potential stakeholders is a great first step to further community embedding. Learn more about the CIM.


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