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Is your organizational experiencing a lot of conflict, or having challenges related to employee engagement? Human Systems can help you diagnose the core issues, recommend a solution, and facilitate the change you need to keep your organization healthy and productive.

Enjoy an organizational assessment on us!

Signing on for organizational development services is a big decision – one that you don’t want to make without a thorough understanding of the assessment process and potential outcomes. Therefore, we are offering a complimentary 90-minute organizational assessment for your leadership team to help you decide if Human Systems would be a good fit for your organization’s needs.

Here’s what you will get with a Human Systems 90-minute consult:

  • 20-minute presentation on our Circles of Influence Method (CIM) and tools.
  • Group discussion facilitated by Dr. Peters to identify primary organizational challenges and visionary goals.
  • Written report with customized summary and analysis of challenges and visionary goals paired with service recommendations.

Regardless of your decision, a facilitated discussion on organizational challenges and goals is an effective team-building exercise and a great way to give shape to your team’s thoughts around organizational development goals. Let us get you started on the path to organizational health!

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