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How Do You Engage and Retain Employees?

If you have one employee who is not engaged and enthusiastic about their work, it’s most likely that the employee is struggling with the work or may be having personal challenges. If you have multiple employees who are not engaged, then you probably have a leadership issue, a culture issue, or both. The good news is, employee engagement challenges are fully fixable if you are willing to take a hard look at your organizational culture and your leadership style, and you can exercise some patience. Below are some services we provide to help you get your employees happy and productive again.

Employee Engagement Services

Solution-focused employee engagement workshops

The first step to re-engage your employees is to figure out why they are not engaged. How do you do that? You ask them! We can create a safe space for employees to discuss challenges they are having at work, and what they want. We figure out the source of the challenge, and then we go through a process in which employees develop their own solutions. Read a Human Systems article about the advantages of allowing employees to identify issues and create their own solutions for the good of the organization.

Diversity Intelligence Workshop

Our workforce is becoming racially, ethnically, and culturally more diverse. This change can bring challenges in the form of increased conflict and miscommunication, but it can also bring benefits. Scientific research demonstrates that diversity is unquestionably valuable to organizations; the problem lies in organizations’ ability to both diversify and successfully manage the diversity for maximum benefits. The development and cultivation of diversity intelligence, defined as “the capability of individuals to recognize the value of workplace diversity and use this information to guide thinking and behavior” (Hughes, 2016), can enable your organization to take full advantage of the knowledge, skills, and experience of an increasingly diverse workforce. Participants will explore the full meaning of diversity, learn about combining leadership methods with diversity intelligence, and discover practical and applicable ways to increase diversity intelligence in their organization.

Closing the Communication Gap Between Employees of Different Ages (or, Intergenerational Conflict Management)

Multiple times a day, we will read or hear about different generations in popular media and in conversation. The subject of intergenerational conflict is popular and prevalent, but more and more, social science researchers are showing that the concept of  distinct “generations” with certain attributes is a myth, and that this myth may actually be contributing to workplace conflict. In this workshop, participants will learn about the latest research on the concept of “generations” and why people in different age groups may have different perspectives. We will also learn about how the popular media portrays different age groups and how those portrayals change over time. Finally, participants will learn techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace, including conflict between individuals and groups of different ages. Review sample Communication with Individuals of Different Ages PPT.

Teaming Workshop or Coaching Sessions

How do you put together a team to complete a project? Which projects require teams, and which are more suited to individual work? You can’t make a team be successful, but you can create the conditions that will enable success. Based on former Harvard professor J. Richard Hackman’s work, Human Systems can lead you through the conditions for a successful team, and how to manage a team to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Leadership Coaching

Employee engagement and productivity ultimately depends on the quality of leadership and management. Sometimes, all you need is a little coaching to make a huge difference in your organizational culture and relationships. Learn about Human Systems’ leadership coaching sessions.


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Additional Resources

Burnout/moral injury and turnover prevention and costs

Some of these articles are specific to certain industries, but they all have tips on preventing burnout that could apply to any organization.

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Happy Employees

Why Does Your Employees’ Happiness Quotient Matter? by ZOHO (9/23/2019)

How innovation can bring more joy to your work by Gabbay in MD Edge Endocrinology (8/26/2019)

Diversity and  Organizational Justice

Professor: Diversity Policies Fall Short Due to Conflicting Goals by Bolden-Barrett in HR Dive (9/10/2019)

To Build an Inclusive Culture, Start with Inclusive Meetings by Heath and Wensil in Harvard Business Review (9/6/2019)

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