Family Mindfulness at Anne Arundel County Public Library

We invite you to join Dr. Colby Peters, certified mindfulness professional, at Anne Arundel County Public Library for Family Mindfulness classes! Research has shown that regular mindfulness and meditation practice can reduce stress and increase focus, in addition to boosting overall well being, in both adults and children.  Parents/caregivers and their kids ages 6-10, as well as educators, can develop their awareness, acceptance, compassion, and balance with fun, engaging activities that teach powerful stress-reduction techniques and lifelong skills.


Dr. Peters uses a combination of games, creative activities, scientific mini-lessons, yoga poses, discussion, and take-home props to teach parents, caregivers, kids and educators mindfulness skills while keeping everybody engaged and active. Some tools that might be used during sessions include the Human Systems Emotion Wheels and Needs Wheel, the Animal Spirit Discovery Cards, and Mindful Games by Susan Kaiser Greenland.


Families working with Dr. Peters will have the opportunity to explore four primary components of mindfulness, which include awareness, acceptance, balance, and compassion. We practice being aware of our thoughts, feelings, bodies and environment; we practice acceptance of ourselves, others, and circumstances; we practice emotional balance and the magic of finding a happy medium; and we practice compassion for ourselves, others and the world.


Why a class for families and not just kids? Research and practice shows that kids rely heavily on their parents for their emotional regulation. Kids pick up on their parents’ or caregivers’ mood and way of interacting with the world, and they internalize it. In fact, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for a child to keep their mood stable if their parents’ moods are not stable. The best ways to teach kids emotional balance is to show them what it looks like. I have experienced this phenomenon many times with my own son. If I am upset about something, he also gets upset, even if I am doing my best not to let it affect him. So, the best thing I can do for my son is to maintain my own mindfulness practice, so I can practice awareness, acceptance, and compassion for myself and my environment, and with this foundation, achieve emotional balance.  When the parents or caregivers practice mindfulness, the whole family becomes more mindful.


Dr. Peters’ philosophy is one of shared leadership: adults and kids are encouraged to contribute to the classes by making suggestions, sharing their experience, and even leading activities when they are ready.


Feel free to contact Dr. Peters with questions at 410-353-4729 or email at colby@




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