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At Human Services, we believe that every individual is the expert on their own lives. We offer powerful, research-backed tools and guidance, and you choose the tools and guidance that work best for you.

For professionals looking for guidance and growth in an organizational context, we offer the Mindful Leadership Model and Assessments; for individuals interested in guidance and growth in their personal lives, we offer the Mindful Growth Model and Assessments. We use the HS Systems Health and HS Human Wellbeing Principles to encourage increased self-awareness and overall mindfulness for more purposeful and effective decision-making. You can explore some of the tools we offer by visiting our Worksheets page.

Our research and experience shows that aligning our behavior with a consistent set of principles results in increased serenity and sustainable growth in both personal and professional contexts, and we can help you do that. Book a complimentary half-hour consultation with Dr. Peters to learn more.

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Peters empathically listens and inspires bold, creative thinking while challenging me to clarify my thoughts and turn them into strategic actions that align with my mission and vision. “ – Chris Lee, Founder of Cohesion.World

Dr. Peters listens and asks meaningful questions. Through guided discussion, she helps you develop your best self. Dr. Peters is also an intentional motivator and understands how emotions drive behaviors, helping you make intentional connections for continued success.” – Stella Bowen, Bellevue University Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master’s Program


  • $125 per 1-hour session
  • $600 for 6-session package (payment plans available)

Organizational Consulting Services

Our research shows that human wellbeing and organizational health are interdependent – each supports and depends upon the other. So if you want to reduce burnout and turnover, improve organizational culture, and increase client satisfaction, it’s important to look at individual behavior, relationship management, and how the organizational system functions as a whole.

Our Mindful Leadership Model does just that, providing holistic guidance for organizations interested in improving employee wellbeing and performance, as well as the overall health of the organization. The Mindful Leadership Assessment series is based on our original, ground-breaking research that looks at leadership on multiple levels – individual, relational, and systemic.

We offer several assessment options, including the Mindful Leadership Model Assessment series, Organizational Health Assessment series, the Circles of Influence Model, and HS Talking Circles.

Once the assessment process is complete, we offer a report on your organization’s strengths and challenges, as well as pathways to positive change through HS Workshops, facilitated work groups, and individual/group coaching. See the HS Service Areas for in-depth information about the kinds of services we offer.

Workshop and Coaching Pricing Businesses (PDF download)

HS Certifications

We offer an accessible way to get certified to use our most popular tools: the HS MiniCert. If you are a coach, therapist, counselor, or just interested in learning best practices for our researched-based tools, check out our HS MiniCert offerings.


We are also working on developing a comprehensive Human Systems Coaching Certification, which will include five sections:

You can follow our development process and get a sneak peak at the HS Certification Series Manual by visiting our Mindful Coloring Pages, where you can download Dr. Peters’ line art for some mindful coloring. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when the HS Certification Series is ready to launch.

Participant Testimonials

“The workshop was a great value. [I appreciated Dr. Peter’s] use of examples with her own feelings to help better illustrate the content. Having the Emotion Wheels at my side helped me better articulate my own emotions. I left with a lot of knowledge and excited to learn more!”  —Kim Herlehy, Health Coach

“Loved the workshop! It was so refreshing to see emotions being discussed and implemented in the workspace and everyday life. [The most interesting part of the workshop for me was] listening to other people and their experience with emotions. Also, learning how to utilize the Emotions Wheel for younger children.” —Victoria Shae Wright, Teacher


Continuing Education Workshops

We offer a range of continuing education workshops for social workers and other health and human service professionals through various organizations, including the University of Maryland School of Social Work. See our Workshops page for descriptions of workshops we have taught for continuing education credit.

The following continuing education workshops will be offered through the University of Maryland School of Social Work in Spring 2023. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about the dates and how to register, or just check back here.

Effective Communication in Diverse Organizations (3 hours)

With the increased diversity of age, race, culture, and experience in organizations comes increased communication challenges. When you add the proliferation of modes of communication – email, text, phone, Zoom, Teams, Slack and more – you get an exponential increase in communication challenges. In this workshop, we will talk about why communication can be especially difficult in organizations today, and how to reduce conflict by clarifying communication processes. Participants will be introduced to Dr. Peters’ Communication Policy Worksheet, a powerful tool that helps organizations “get on the same page” with communication process and goals and reduce unnecessary conflict.


After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how diversity of experience, values, and communication methods contribute to communication challenges.
  • Assess their own experience and values around communication and how they may differ from others’ experience and values.
  • Use the Communication Policy Worksheet to guide a group toward a common understanding of communication process and goals.


Mapping Your Organization with the Circles of Influence Model (CIM) (3 hours)

Dr. Peters originally developed the Circles of Influence Model (CIM) when she was running a nonprofit and wanted to help the employees understand the systems-related challenges in their organization and draw out their ideas for solutions. Since then, she has used the CIM in several organizations to help them see how relationships, patterns of communication, and differences in decision-making power affect organizational processes and individual effectiveness. The CIM is not only useful for gathering systems information, it can also be an effective conflict management tool because building a CIM together increases understanding and empathy, and promotes communication and creative problem-solving. In this workshop, participants will learn how to build a CIM that reflects their understanding of their own organization. Participants will need some large white paper, such as 8.5”x11” or 11”x17”, a pencil and eraser, colored pencils or markers, a glue stick or tape, and scissors.


After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define “systems thinking”.
  • Explain how a CIM is useful for learning systems thinking and understanding relationships, patterns of communication, and decision-making power.
  • Using established guidelines, build a CIM of their organization from their own perspective.


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