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There are many definitions of leadership, and they all basically boil down to the same idea: leadership is any action taken for the purpose of making a change. The most effective leadership actions are those that create the most sustainable positive change and growth with the minimum amount of pain and upset. The best leaders are individuals who have a clear long-term vision, and use a blend of leadership and management techniques to create a safe environment for growth.

Human Systems collaborates with you to turn our research-based leadership principles into your practical applications using a variety of tools and approaches.

Let’s start with a consultation to talk about your goals and see if we are a good fit. If we decide to move forward, we can assess your leadership strengths and growth areas and build a comprehensive, individualized strategic leadership development plan.

“I have found my leadership consultation sessions with Dr. Peters to be invaluable. She has a wealth of professional and academic knowledge in effective leadership and organizational structure and this was something I needed help tapping into! Through that knowledge, Dr. Peters helped me to identify my own unique strengths and challenges in a seamless and nonjudgmental way, so that I could take my skillset to the next level. She also helped me to better understand the organizational structure that I was working in and develop strategies to change the fishbowl, so to speak. This is no small feat in the healthcare industry! I am grateful for Dr. Peters and her expert opinions and insights. I highly recommend her services to both individuals and organizations alike.”

– Erin, HS Coaching Client

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