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Leadership Development – A Modern Approach

At the most basic level, leadership is all about change, and management is all about stability. You need both for personal and organizational growth. With a researched-based, multi-level approach to leadership and organizational development, Human Systems believes that everybody should given the opportunity to lead, because everybody can effect positive change. In combination with shared goals and a common understanding with the mission, leadership and management responsibilities that are distributed and shared among all will enable your organization to reach its full potential.

Leadership Development Services

Individual Coaching

Leadership is any action undertaken with the intention of changing the status quo. The best leaders are individuals who have a clear long-term vision, and use a blend of leadership and management techniques to continually commit to their mission. Human Systems collaborates with you to turn our research-based leadership principles into your practical applications using a variety of tools and approaches. Our method is goal-oriented and evidence-based. Review the Human Systems Personal Leadership Definition Worksheet, one of the many tools we could use in your coaching sessions. Read what clients are saying about Human Systems leadership coaching.

Become Your Best Leader-Self Workshop

A leadership development workshop is a great way to increase your self-awareness and improve your leadership ability while enjoying the advantages of discussion with peers. Participants will learn about popular leadership theories and how they are applied in practical settings, and have the opportunity to complete personal leadership assessments and use the results to reflect and create a personalized leadership plan. You will also learn about the principles and applications of teaming, and how to determine whether to take an individual or team approach to a project or challenge. We will explore systems leadership theory and applications. Finally, we will look at a leader’s approach to conflict resolution, both on the organizational and individual levels. Review our Systemic Leadership Article and accompanying Worksheet, one of the activities from this workshop.

Systemic Leadership with the CIM Workshop

Systems thinking is the ability to understand how the whole of you organization functions within its environment. You  might know how your work affects your supervisees and your manager, but do you know how your actions effect everybody in your organization? How do the relationships in your organization help or hinder processes and outcomes? The Human Systems Circles of Influence Model (CIM) is an informative and user-friendly way to learn systems thinking and apply it to your own organization. Learn more about the CIM.

Emotional Competence: Emotional Intelligence + Leadership

You have probably heard of emotional intelligence, but after we are able to identify our emotions and pinpoint their origin, what do we do with them? After developing emotional intelligence, the next step is emotional competence: the ability to balance between managing your emotions and using emotions to propel positive organizational change. Participants will learn why emotional competence is important for organizational functioning, and when and how to successfully use emotions in the workplace. Review a sample Emotional Competence PPT.

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