About Dr. Peters' Mindfulness Journey

As a passionate social worker, I created my business, Dr. S. Colby PetersHuman Systems, 5 years ago to address excessive burnout and turnover in human service organizations and nonprofits. I focus on increasing psychological safety in organizations through effective conflict management and emotional competence – using employees’ emotions to create positive change in organizations.


During the pandemic, as you might guess, business slowed down a great deal as organizations and employees were struggling to survive and did not have the time or capacity to focus on extra services for burnout prevention. Like many people, the additional layer of anxiety produced by a pandemic forced me to examine my approach to self-care and mental health because what I was doing before was no longer working.


With the extra time afforded by work being slow and minimal opportunities for doing things outside of my home, I decided to concentrate on healing my wounds – both old and new – and:

The result was a new perspective in terms of who I was and how my relationships should work – basically, the importance of being present and non-judgmental. I thought about how wonderful it would have been to have these tools when I was a child, and started looking for mindfulness coaches for my 8-year old son. I had trouble finding somebody who was a good fit, so I decided to just learn how to teach mindfulness to adults and children and just a few months later, I am now a certified mindfulness professional.


I maintain my mindfulness practice through twice-a-day meditation, daily journaling, daily spiritual work, yoga three times a week, creating art (IG @colbywpeters), eating well, and abstaining from substances (aside from a cup of coffee in the morning). When I teach – whether it’s on mapping an organizational system or identifying emotions – I learn just as much from the group or person as they learn from me.


When working with others, I bring over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience, a Masters and PhD in social work, and several original, research-based coaching tools that are used by professionals all over the country.


I look forward to having our paths cross in whatever form that may take, and sharing fun, growth-oriented experiences with you.

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