I developed the HS Mindfulness Model based on my original research, an extensive review of existing mindfulness models, research on mindfulness, and my personal and professional experience.

Before I consider the five mindfulness steps of awareness, acceptance, compassion, surrender, and integration, I start at the center with the simple truth that I am “here”, which is the essence of mindfulness. Wherever I am, wherever I go, I am here, in the present.

Next, I remember that mindfulness is a conscious choice I make. If I do not choose to be mindful, I remain unconsciously immersed in my thoughts, feelings, and sensations – I believe that I am my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. To be immersed in my thoughts, feelings, and sensations is neither “good” nor “bad”. Where I want to be in terms of mindfulness depends on what my intention is.

The spiral represents growth in my perspective. Like many living things, I believe that I tend to change and grow in a spiraling pattern. I revisit my challenges many times, always with a little more knowledge and a broader perspective.

When I am ready to engage with life mindfully, it can be useful to start with awareness and make my way around the spiral:

1. I practice awareness of thoughts, feelings, body and environment so that I can…

2. Accept myself, others and my environment as being exactly the way it should be in that moment, eliminating resistance to make space for…

3. Compassion for myself and others, which expands my perspective enough to be able to…

4. Surrender, meaning that I let go of anything that is not serving me and I also surrender my attachments and my self to make space for…

5. Integrating the knowledge I have received from this process to grow and achieve a new balance.

You can purchase laminated copies (available for shipping in the U.S. and Canada) or PDFs of the HS Mindfulness Model with descriptions of each element in the HS Shop. Human Systems has several other free tools that you might find useful; you can see them in this PDF document.


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