Mindfulness for Individuals

Mindfulness is just about non-judgmental awareness of your self (emotions, thoughts, and body), others, and your surroundings. Though in its early stages, current scientific research shows promising effects of mindfulness and meditation, including increased focus, reduced stress, and improved mental health and overall well-being.

Dr. Peters uses a client-led combination of tools and worksheets, journaling, creative activities, scientific mini-lessons, breath work, meditation, and exploratory discussion to teach mindfulness skills and meditation. She may also recommend books and other programs that would be useful in your mindfulness journey.

Human Systems Mindfulness ModelIndividuals working with Dr. Peters will learn about the Human Systems Mindfulness Model, which draws from established mindfulness models and research, change theory, and psychological theory. Before we consider the four primary components of awareness, acceptance, balance, and compassion, we start at the center with the simple truth that we are “here“, which is the essence of mindfulness. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are here, in the present. When we are ready to take mindfulness to the next level, it can be useful to start with awareness and make our way around the circle:

1. We practice being aware of our thoughts, feelings, bodies and environment;

2. We accept ourselves, others and our environment as being exactly the way it should be in that moment;

3. We practice compassion for ourselves and others;

4. We practice emotional balance and the magic of finding a happy medium.

Dr. Peters has developed mindfulness principles based on various models of mindfulness, the proven power of 12-step recovery programs, scientific research (her own and others’), and her background in social work. These principles inform the Human Systems approach to Mindful Growth.

  1. All human beings are of equal, and great, worth.
  2. Faith in a benevolent force that is more powerful than we are creates order out of chaos.
  3. Consciously aligning our thoughts and behavior with values and principles allows mindful growth to emerge.
  4. Seeking healing and empowerment from within ourselves and in relationship with others creates opportunities for success.
  5. Pursuing our unique and valuable contribution to the world’s health and growth fulfills our human purpose.

Mindful Growth is the process of ensuring that our own needs are fully met so that we can create space for our natural human tendency for curiosity and innovation to emerge. When we engage in Mindful Growth, we do not have to push ourselves or others, we only have to take the next right step. You can learn more about Dr. Peter’s approach to mindfulness, growth and change with the Human Systems Mindful Growth Models and Assessments.

Download the Individual Mindful Growth Model PDF

Download the Individual Mindful Growth Assessment PDF

Download the Relational Mindful Growth Model PDF

Download the Relational Mindful Growth Assessment PDF

Download the Systems Mindful Growth Model PDF (coming soon!)

Download the Systems Mindful Growth Assessment PDF (coming soon!)

Individual Mindfulness Coaching Pricing & Packages

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