Research and Articles on Mindfulness

Enjoy Human Systems’ collection of scientific research and media articles on mindfulness for organizations, individuals, and families.

Scientific Research

April 2022

Mindful Leader Development in Leading Teams/Frontiers in Psychology

“Mindful with Your Baby” for Mothers of Infants with Parental Stress in a Non-Clinical Setting: A Waitlist-Controlled Pilot in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Indian Perspectives on Mindful Leadership

Calm Down and Enjoy it: Influence of Leader-Employee Mindfulness on Flow Experience in Dovepress

March 2022

Better to Be Optimistic, Mindful, or Both? The Interaction Between Optimism, Mindfulness, and Task Engagement in Journal of Occupational Organizational Psychology

January 2022

The Mindful Self: Exploring Mindfulness in Relation with Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in an Indian Population in Psychological Studies

What is the Mindful Personality? Implications for Physical and Psychological Health in Acta Psychologica

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Practice; Reducing Levels of Perceived Stress and Increased Mindful Awareness in an Adult Population in El Rio: A Student Research Journal

We’re All in This Together: How COVID-19 Revealed the Co-Construction of Mindful Organising and Organisational Reliability in BMJ Qual Saf

October 2021

Mindfulness-based interventions to reduce burnout in primary health care physicians: A systematic review and meta-analysis in Mindfulness in Healthcare

Scientists review how 2 forms of therapy can change the brain in Inverse

Pregnant individuals experiencing depression will have access to mindfulness activities through a VCU study in VCU News

Mindfulness-based interventions improve executive function, behavior in preteens born very preterm in MIMS Paediatrics

July 2021

Emotional Granularity Increases with Intensive Ambulatory Assessment: Methodological and Individual Factors Influence How Much in Frontiers in Psychology

December 2021

The role of medial prefrontal cortex in memory and decision-making in Neuron

Older Articles

Psychological Resilience and Positive Emotional Granularity: Examining the Benefits of Positive Emotions on Coping and Health in Journal of Personality (October 2004)

Articles in the Media

April 2022

How to Parent in a More Mindful Way in PsychCentral

Meditation for Kids: The Basics and the Benefits in Cleveland Clinic

‘Mindful Menstruation’ Is the Latest Wellness Trend Combining Your Period and Mindfulness – Here’s How it Works in Glamour

Want to Be More Patient with Your Kids? Here’s How in PsychCentral

Incorporating Mindfulness into Parenting in The Lewiston Tribune

What is Mental Chatter? How to Relax and Avoid Overthinking for Good in LADBible

Prenatal Mindfulness Programs Reduced Stress for Infants in BabyGaga

Does Meditation Help Us Deal with Stress? in Thrive Global

Mindfulness Intervention Enhances Brain Activation for Healthy Pleasures in TuniseSoir News

March 2022

Do You Know How to Manage Your Emotions and Why it’s Important? in PsychCentral

The Power of Words: How Talking or Writing About Our Emotions Influences Our Mental Health in Psychiatric Times

How Insight Meditation Can Help You at the Workplace in The Deccan Herald

Feeling Socially Anxious About Returning to the Workplace? You’re Not Alone in The Conversation

October 2021

5 Essential Qualities of a Mindful Leader in Forbes

How Movement Can Help Kids Process Their Emotions in Moms

Shadow Work: The Self-Improvement Technique Designed to Boost Awareness of Yourself and Others in Insider

Why You Should Befriend Your Emotions in Psychology Today

How Our Minds Keep Our Emotions from Getting Out of Control in Time

How Four Deep Breaths Can Help Kids Calm Down in Greater Good Magazine

How to Change the Way You Think about Work in 2022 in Body + Soul

How to Help Kids Cope with Disagreements in Avera

Mindfulness matters: How to add mindful practices to your everyday work routine in Forbes

Mindfulness for pediatric ADHD in Psychiatric Times

Meditation for kids: 10 ways to get started in Happiful

Mindful behavior can make our kids less anxious and stressed – now and in the future in Scary Mommy

Feeling anxious? Journaling might help in New York Times

How 10 minutes of mindful conversation can ease anxiety in MBG Health

World mental health day: The importance of promoting mindfulness to our children in Stuff

Mindfulness could change racial inequality, according to a San Francisco law professor in Cultureshift

Let your practice guide you beyond crisis mode in Mindful

Workplace mindfulness remains a critical leadership issue in Dice

The Power of Mindful Communication in CEO World Magazine

Is mindfulness effective for managing anxiety disorders? in Psych Central

How to retrain your frazzled brain and find your focus again  in The Guardian

All About Mindful Breathing in Psych Central

September 2021

How to Release Emotional Baggage and the Tension that Goes with it in Healthline

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