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Leadership principles grounded in science

Human Systems leadership principles are based on extensive scientific research and advanced statistical testing. These principles comprise the first leadership model that addresses organizational, relational, and individual behaviors.

Organizational Principles

Organizational Health

The organization…

  1. Ensures that the written mission of the organization, employees’ perception of the mission, and the activities of the organization are aligned.
  2. Consistently demonstrates valuation, respect for, and belief in staff and their abilities; empowers employees.
  3. Demonstrates a primary focus on the quality of services/products for service users/customers.
  4. Encourages emergent (informal) leadership, the ability of employees to manage projects and make important decisions regardless of their level of formal authority.
  5. Works toward identifying and correcting its weaknesses.
  6. Provides educational opportunities that promote employee and organizational growth.
  7. Provides sufficient resources to employees to achieve organizational goals.
  8. Encourages employees’ self-care.
  9. Provides a system of effective and consistent supervision.
  10. Has policies that allow employees to care for themselves and their family or friends when necessary.
  11. Ensures that employees work interdependently towards common goals.
  12. Encourages employees to take varied approaches to best meet the needs of the service user/customer.
  13. Promotes a culture in which regular praise is given for employees’ efforts and accomplishments.
  14. Regularly and clearly communicates expectations and roles.
  15. Promotes a culture in which employees support each other emotionally, cognitively, and socially.
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