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Below are links to free online scientific research articles that provide valuable insight on leadership and organizational development.* Each article entry includes a link to the relevant Human Systems service category (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement, Conflict Management, Leadership Development, Community Engagement, and Programs and Policies) for context and connection. Tip for finding what you want: press CTRL + F and type in a keyword, such as “leadership”, into the search box, then press ENTER.


March 2022

Factors Associated with Burnout Among Medical Laboratory Professionals in Ontario, Canada: An Exploratory Study During the Second Wave of the Pandemic in International Journal of Health Planning Management (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Burnout and Professional Quality of Life Among the Hospital Workforce During a Global Health Pandemic in the Journal of Rural Health (Employee Engagement, Organizational Direction)

Marginalized Identities, Mistreatment, Discrimination, and Burnout Among US Medical Students: Cross-Sectional Survey and Retrospective Cohort Study in BMJ (Employee Engagement)

Micromanagement During Clinical Supervision: Solutions to the Challenges in Cureus (Employee Engagement, Leadership Development)

Better to Be Optimistic, Mindful, or Both? The Interaction Between Optimism, Mindfulness, and Task Engagement in Journal of Occupational Organizational Psychology (Employee Engagement)

A Model of Conflict Management in Personnel Administration Based on Buddhism in Schools Under Office of Secondary Educational Service Area, Bangok in Journal of Positive School Psychology (Conflict Management)

Workplace Factors, Burnout Signs, and Clinical Mental Health Symptoms Among Mental Health Care Workers in Lombardy and Quebec during the First Wave of Covid-19 in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

Job Burnout Among Israeli Healthcare Workers During the First Months of Covid-19: The Role of Emotion Regulation Strategies and Psychological Distress in Plos One (Employee Engagement)

The Relationship Between Flow Experience and Burnout Symptoms in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Employee Engagement)

Mindful Leader Development in Leading Teams/Frontiers in Psychology (Leadership Development)

An Inclusive Leadership Framework to Foster Employee Creativity in the Healthcare Sector: The Role of Psychological Safety and Polychronicity [multitasking] in International Journal of Environmental and Public Health (Employee Engagement, Leadership Development)

Multicultural Team Conflict Management in the Workplace in Journal of Global Economy, Business, and Finance (Employee Engagement, Conflict Management)

Workplace Bullying and Tiredness at Work: A Cross-lagged Prospective Study of Causal Directions and the Moderating Effects of Conflict Management Climate in Journal of Occupational Health (Employee Engagement, Conflict Management)

February 2022

Leadership Challenges and Strategies to Dementia Care in Chinese Faith-Based Nursing Homes: A Qualitative Study in Journal of Nursing Management (Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Organizational Direction, Programs and Policies)

Indian Perspectives on Mindful Leadership (Leadership Development

What Happy Physicians Have in Common: A Qualitative Study of Workplace Perceptions of Physicians with Low Burnout Scores in Sage Open Medicine (Employee Engagement, Organizational Direction

January 2022

We’re All in This Together: How COVID-19 Revealed the Co-Construction of Mindful Organising and Organisational Reliability in BMJ Qual Saf (Employee Engagement, Organizational Direction

Conflict Management Strategies as a Prerequisite for Effective Organizational Management: An Exploratory Analysis in International Journal of Business and Law Research (Conflict Management

Relationships Between Mental Workload, Job Burnout, and Organizational Commitment in SHS Web of Conferences (Employee Engagement

 Emotional Labor and Burnout of Public Health Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mediating Effects of Perceived Health Status and Organizational Support in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Employee Engagement)

November 2021

 The Relative Importance of Work-Related Psychosocial Factors in Physician Burnout in Occupational Medicine (Employee Engagement)

New Directions in Burnout Research in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (Employee Engagement)

 The Role of Organizational Learning in Conflict Management in Business Management and Strategy (Conflict Management)

Work Conditions and Burnout: An Exploratory Study Among Hungarian Workers in Family and Child Welfare, ChildProtection, and Pedagogical Services in European Journal of Social Work (Employee Engagement)

September 2021

Leadership Model for Social Work in The British Journal of Social Work (Leadership Development

Servant Leadership: A Systematic Review and Network Analysis in Employees Responsibilities and Rights Journal (Leadership Development)


August 2021

Burnout and Turnover Intention Among Peer Providers in a Rural Two-County Area in Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Health (Employee Engagement)

Western Researcher Publishes Work on Building Rituals and Purpose in an Evolving Workplace in Academy of Management Journal (Employee Engagement)

July 2021

School Heads’ New Normal Leadership and its Influence on Collaborative School Culture in International Journal of Academic Multidisciplinary Research (Leadership Development)

Towards an Understanding of Workplace Conflict: An Examination into Causes and Conflict Management Strategies  in Problems of Management in the 21st Century (Conflict Management)

July 2021

Burnout Syndrome and Work Design of Healthcare Professionals in Atigos (Employee Engagement) A study on healthcare and education workers showed that more autonomy, greater social support, more feedback, more opportunity for problem-solving, task clarity, and low job complexity predicted lower burnout levels. Read the article.

May 2021

Experience of Workplace Incivility and its Impact on Stress and Turnover Intention Among Nurses Working at a Hospital: Cross Sectional Survey Approach in Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (Employee Engagement)

Inertia of Negative Emotions at Work: Correlates of Inflexible Emotion Dynamics in the Workplace in Applied Psychology (Employee Engagement)

Nurse’s Burnout and Quality of Life: A Systematic Review and Critical Analysis of Measures Used in Nursing Open (Employee Engagement)

The Effect of Team Diversity on Team Performance: The Mediating Role of Relationship Conflict and the Moderating Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Leader-Member Exchange Quality in Management Science Letters  (Conflict Management)

A Cross-Sectional Study of Organizational Factors and their Impact on Job Satisfaction and Emotional Burnout in a Group of Australian Nurses: Infection Control Practitioners in BMC Health Service Research (Employee Engagement)

Drivers and Sequelae of of Burnout in U.S. Dermatology Trainees in International Journal of Women’s Dermatology (Employee Engagement)

Leading Employee Performance Reviews Skillfully and with Care from Boston University School of Hospitality Administration  (Programs and Policies)


April 2021

After the Pain: Reflexive Practice, Emotion Work, and Learning in Organization Studies (Employee Engagement)

November 2020

Is Interpersonal Justice Related to Group and Organizational Turnover? Results from a Swedish Panel Study in Social Science & Medicine (Employee Engagement)

Employee Engagement and Positive Dimensions of Well-being: A Latent Workplace Spirituality Profile Analysis in Plos One (Employee Engagement)

The Role of Self-Compassion, Concern for Others, and Basic Psychological Needs in the Reduction of Caregiving Burnout in Mindfulness (Employee Engagement)

Coping with Stress and Burnout Associated with Telecommunication and Online Learning in Public Health (Employee Engagement)

October 2020

Burnout in Palliative Care Nurses, Prevalence, and Risk Factors: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis in International Journal of Environmental and Public Health (Employee Engagement)

Burnout Amongst Emergency Healthcare Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A  Multi-Center Study in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine (Employee Engagement)

Assessment of Burnout in Medical Students using the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Student Survey: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis in BMC Medical Education (Employee Engagement)

Evaluation of work satisfaction, stress, and burnout among US internal medicine physicians and trainees in JAMA (Employee Engagement)

Check-In: An educational activity to address well-being and burnout among pharmacy students in Pharmacy (Leadership Development)

Impact of nurse burnout on organizational and positional turnover in Nursing Outlook (Employee Engagement)

September 2020

Burnout in social workers: A study in residential placement for children and youth at risk in American Research Journal of Humanities & Social Science (Employee Engagement)

Self compassion explains less burnout among healthcare professionals in Mindfulness (Employee Engagement)

Evaluation of a novel intervention to reduce burnout in doctors-in-training using self-care and digital well-being strategies: a mixed-methods pilot in BMC Medical Education (Employee Engagement, Leadership Development)

Impact of workplace climate on burnout among critical care nurses in the Veterans Health Administration in American Journal of Critical Care (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

Virtual team functioning: Modeling the affective and cognitive effects of an emotional management intervention in Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice (Employee Engagement, Conflict Management)

August 2020

Conflict resolution by individual transformation in International Journal of Research (Conflict Management)

Psychosocial factors and burnout syndrome among mental health professionals in Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem (Employee Engagement)

July 2020

Physician Burnout: Achieving Wellness for Providers and Patients in Patient Safety in Anesthesia (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Addressing burnout – focus on systems, not resilience by in JAMA Network Open (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

June 2020

Burnout among the addiction counseling workforce: the differential roles of mindfulness and values-based processes and work-site factors in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies, Organizational Direction)

Using teams to address burnout among oncologists in Physician’s Weekly (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Fear of COVID-19, psychological distress, work satisfaction and turnover intention in frontline nurses in Research Square (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Baseline well-being, perceptions of critical incidents, and openness to debriefing in community hospital emergency department clinical staff before COVID-19, a cross-sectional study in BMC Emergency Medicine (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

How group coaching contributes to organisational understanding among newly graduated doctors in BMC Medical Education (Leadership Development, Employee Engagement)

What moderates the relationship between intragroup conflict, emotional exhaustion, and work engagement? in Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (Conflict Management, Employee Engagement)

The relationship between residents’ perceptions of residency program leadership team behaviors and resident burnout and satisfaction in Academic Medicine (Employee Engagement)

A commentary on moral injury among healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

A multifaceted approach to tackling nurse turnover in Nursing Management (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

May 2020

Supporting hospital staff during COVID-19: Early interventions in Occupational Medicine (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Engaging the solo practitioner to reduce errors and burnout in Journal of Medical Regulation (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

The financial cost of medical assistant turnover in an academic family medicine center in Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

Limiting moral injury in healthcare professionals during COVID-19 pandemic in Occupational Medicine (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Association of burnout with emotional coping strategies, friendship, and institutional support among internal medicine physicians in Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings (Employee Engagement)

Rethinking burnout: When self-care is not the cure in American Journal of Health Promotion (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Activating teams to fight burnout and create joy in work in American Journal of Health Promotion (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Despite millennial stereotypes, burnout just as bad for Gex X doctors in training in Science Daily (Employee Engagement)

Moral injury in times of COVID-10 in Journal of Health Science Psychology (Employee Engagement)

Physician burnout, interrupted in The New England Journal of Medicine (Employee Engagement)

April 2020

Mental health care for medical staff and affiliated healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic by in European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Psychosocial safety climate and occupational health: What we know so far in Handbook of Socioeconomic Determinants of Health (Employee Engagement)

A systematic review of burnout and its relation to work-life balance and scheduling among United States physicians n The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Presenteeism as a consequence of workplace bullying: Mediating role of emotional exhaustion and moderation of climate for conflict management in Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Sciences (Employee Engagement)

Covid-19: Supporting nurses’ psychological and mental health in Journal of Clinical Nursing (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Mitigating the psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers: A digital learning package in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Factors associated with burnout syndrome in surgeons: A systematic review in Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons (Employee Engagement)

Relationship between healthy work environment, job satisfaction, and anticipated turnover among nurses in intensive care units (ICU’s) in Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research (Employee Engagement)

Burnout among healthcare providers during COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and evidence-based interventions in Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Online (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

The top 10 messages for supporting healthcare staff during the covid-19 pandemic by (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Covid-19 and experiences of moral injury in front-line key workers in Occupational Medicine (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

March 2020

Occupational burnout in nurses: A concept analysis in Frontiers of Nursing (Employee Engagement)

Measuring social capital of healthcare organizations reported by employees for creating positive workplaces – validation of the SOCAPO-E instrument in BMC Health Services Research (Employee Engagement)

Burnout and work engagement among psychiatric nurses – are work characteristics important? in Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Employee Engagement)

Moral distress and burnout in caring for older adults during medical school training in BMC Medical Education (Employee Engagement)

Beyond burnout: Looking deeply into physician distress in Canadian Journal of Ophthamology (Employee Engagement)

Burnout in nursing: A theoretical review from University of Southampton Institutional Repository (Employee Engagement)

The development of a proactive burnout prevention inventory: How employees can contribute to reduce burnout risks in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Employee Engagement)

February 2020

Job stress, burnout, work-life balance, well-being, and job satisfaction among pathology residents and fellows in American Journal of Clinical Pathology (Employee Engagement)

Well-being, burnout, and the clinical laboratory in American Journal of Clinical Pathology (Employee Engagement)

Work engagement, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions among family residency program managers in International Journal of Medical Education (Employee Engagement)

Cognitive processes of emotion regulation, burnout, and engagement in Psicothema (Employee Engagement)

We can do better: Challenging providers to refrain from toxic remarks in Academic Psychiatry (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

What is known about pediatric nurse burnout: A scoping review in Human Resources for Health (Employee Engagement)

What the differences in conflict between online and face-to-face work groups mean for hybrid groups: A state-of-the-art review in Review of Communication Research (Conflict Management)

Conflict management style asymmetry in short-term groups by in Small Group Research (Conflict Management)

Resilience, burnout, and coping mechanisms in UK doctors: A cross-sectional study BMJ Open (Employee Engagement)

January 2020

Correlation of provider burnout with patient experience in Association for Patient Experience (January 2020) (Employee Engagement)

How cooperation reinforces conflict over time: The role of simplified images and disidentification in the Project Management Journal (Conflict Management)

A systematic approach to effective conflict management for program in SAGE Open (Conflict Management, Programs and Policies)

Compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, and burnout in oncology nurses: A systematic review and meta-analysis in Sustainability (Employee Engagement)

December 2019

Psychosocial safety climate, psychological health, cynicism, and professional efficacy in policing Psychosocial Safety Climate (2019) (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

A resource depletion spiral? A moderated mediation model of emotional exhaustion and venting at work in the Journal of Organizational Psychology (Conflict Management)

Work-related emotional communication model of burnout: An analysis of emotions for hire in Management Communication Quarterly (Employee Engagement)

Combined interventions to reduce burnout complaints and promote return to work: A systematic review of effectiveness and mediators of change in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Employee Engagement)

Employee turnover and firm performance: Large-sample archival evidence in Management Science (Employee Engagement)

Remote health workforce turnover and retention: What are the policy and practice priorities? in Human Resources for Health (Employee Engagement)

The relationship between hope, meaning in work, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout among child abuse pediatric clinicians in The Permanente Journal (Employee Engagement)

Physician burnout, resilience, and patient experience in a community practice: Correlations and the central role of activation in the Journal of Patient Experience (Employee Engagement)

Burnout, well-being, and defensive medical practice among obstetricians and gynaecologists in the UK: Cross-sectional study in BMJ Open (Employee Engagement)

Social media in public health departments: A vital component of community engagement in Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (Community Engagement)

Rewriting teacher education: Food, love, and community in the Journal of Culture and Values in Education (Organizational Direction)

The contested community police officer: An ongoing conflict between different institutional logics in the International Journal of Police Science & Management (Community Engagement, Organizational Direction)

Sustaining liberal arts colleges through community partnerships and the co-production of knowledge in Metropolitan Universities (Community Engagement)

Firms’ wage structures, workers’ fairness perceptions, job satisfaction and turnover intentions: Evidence from linked employer-employee data from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics (Programs and Policies, Employee Engagement)

Exposure to user violence, job satisfaction, and burnout in nurses: Comparison of mental health with other areas in Neuropsychiatry (Employee Engagement)

The effect of 12-hour shifts, time of day, and sleepiness on emotional empathy and burnout in medical students in Clocks & Sleep (Programs and Policies)

Associations between shift work characteristics, shift work schedules, sleep, and burnout in North American police officers: A cross sectional study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Programs and Policies)

Supporting mental wellness in the public service professions in Online Journal of Health Ethics (Employee Engagement)

A cross-sectional study exploring the relationship between burnout, absenteeism, and job performance among American nurses in BMC Nursing (Employee Engagement)

November 2019

What do schools want from business? Australian Council for Educational Research (Community Engagement)

Associations between a new disruptive behaviors scale and teamwork, patient safety, work-life balance, burnout, and and depression in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety (Employee Engagement)

Professional flourishing: The job demands-resources model and emergency nursing in Journal of Emergency Nursing (Employee Engagement)

October 2019

Ethics in conflict: Moral distress as the root cause of burnout in Journal of General Internal Medicine (Employee Engagement)

Nurses’ perspectives on their communication with patients in busy oncology wards: A qualitative study in Plos One (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Closing the gap on nurse retention: A scoping review of implications for undergraduate education in Nurse Education Today (Employee Engagement)

Validating the Psychological Safety Climate Questionnaire – Integration of findings from cognitive interviews in Germany and Sweden in the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (Organizational Direction, Employee Engagement)

The ambivalent appraisal of job demands and the moderating role of job control and social support for burnout and job satisfaction in Social Indicators Research (Employee Engagement)

Managing workplace conflict: The changing role of HR of the Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (Conflict Management)

The emotions involved in care and training: The emotional dimension amongst nursing students in Italian Journal of Sociology of Education (Employee Engagement)

Factors and effects of work-related stress and burnout on the well-being of social workers in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa in SA Journal of Industrial Psychology (Employee Engagement)

Employee well-being, productivity, and firm performance: Evidence and case studies in Gallup Workplace Well-being (Employee Engagement)

Uncertain time: Precarious schedules and job turnover in the U.S. service sector from The Washington Center for Equitable Growth (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

September 2019

Human factor based leadership: Critical leadership tools to reduce burnout and latent error in a time of accelerating change in Scientific Research (Leadership Development)

Diffusion of excellence: Accelerating the spread of clinical innovation and best practices across the nation’s largest health system in The Permanente Journal (Organizational Direction, Programs and Policies)

Systematic Review of Burnout Among Healthcare Providers in Sub-Saharan Africa in BMC Public Health (Employee Engagement)

Doctor, how can we help you? Qualitative interview study to identify key interventions to target burnout in hospital doctors in BMJ Open (Employee Engagement)

The Relationship Between Perceived Organisational Support, Organisational Commitment and Turnover Intention Among Employees in a Selected Organisation in the Aviation Industry in SA Journal of Human Resource Management (Employee Engagement)

Burnout leads to premature surgeon retirement: A nationwide survey in the Journal of Surgery and Research (Employee Engagement)

Moral injury in police work in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin September 2019 (Employee Engagement)

Beyond burnout: Addressing system-induced stress in FPM (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)


August 2019

The Conflict Resolution Behavior of Interdisciplinary Teams for Promoting a Collaborative Design Process Archives of Design Research (Conflict Management)

Counterproductive work behaviors as an outcome of job burnout among high school teachers in Bulletin of Education and Research (Employee Engagement)

Keeping Teachers of Color: Recruitment Is Not the Problem in the Journal of Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in Education (Employee Engagement)

Managing Conflict for Effective Leadership and Organizations  in Business and Management (Conflict Management)

June 2019

Emotional dissonance and exhaustion among healthcare professionals: The role of perceived quality of care in International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health (Employee Engagement)

May 2019

Association of structural and psychological empowerment with depersonalization and personal accomplishment among nurses: A systematic review in Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research (Employee Engagement)

March 2019

Psychological contract, exhaustion, and cynicism of the employee: Its effect on operational staff turnover in the northern Mexican border by Flores, et. al. in Contaduria y Administracion (Employee Engagement)

Organization Development Review from the Journal of the Organization Development Network  (Leadership Development)


Employee voice, intention to quit, and conflict resolution: Evidence from Australia by Gramberg, et. al. in ILR Review  (Employee Engagement, Conflict Management)

Perceptions of frontline managers practicing diversity management by Rodgers, Hoon, and McAllister in Journal of Social Change (Employee Engagement, Programs and Policies)

Systems leadership for sustainable development: Strategies for achieving systemic change by Dreier, et. al. from Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Responsibility Initiative (Leadership Development)

The impact of customer mistreatment behavior on the turnover intention of frontline employees in the tourism industry by Li, et. al. from 2019 International Conference on Information and Social Science (Employee Engagement)

Physician Stress and Burnout by Yates in the The American Journal of Medicine (Employee Engagement)

Research on the Influence Mechanism of Organization Identification and Employee Turnover Intention: Based on the Intermediary Role of Organizational Commitment by Zhang, Zhu, and Yu in Advances in Economics, Business, and Management Research (Employee Engagement)

Avoid or engage? Issues of relationship conflict in project teams: A Review in 9th Annual International Conference on 4C’s-Communication, Commerce, Connectivity, Culture (Conflict Management)

Older Articles

Why Are Your Employees Leaving? The Effect of Organizational Mobility Preferences on Turnover Intention and Affective Commitment by Ersya and Gatari in Advances in Social Science, Education, and Humanities Research (2018) (Employee Engagement)

Workers without paid sick leave less likely to take time off for illness or injury compared with paid sick leave by DeRigne, et. al in Health Affairs (March 2016) (Programs and Policies)


*These articles are for informational purposes only. Human Systems cannot guarantee the quality of research or applicability to practice.

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