HS Downloadable Emotion Assessment Pamphlet, 2nd Edition


This is the second edition (electronic version) of the HS Emotion Assessment Pamphlet, with updated information on how we make emotions, how to deconstruct emotions, and updated links to free tools on the HS website. Based on the Human Systems Emotion Wheel III and Virtual Emotion Wheel, the Emotion Assessment pamphlet includes an explanation of how we make emotions, definitions of each of the 257 included emotions, and how to deconstruct your chosen emotion for improved self-awareness and emotional competence. This version is a downloadable electronic PDF. It contains links throughout the document, indicated by thin red borders around page number directions, to make navigation to different pages quick and easy. Limit 5 downloads, expires in 30 days. The Human Systems Wheels and all other Human Systems tools are protected by U.S. copyright law. Please see the Human Systems Fair Use Policy for guidelines around acceptable use of Human Systems tools, as well as licensing information. Contact Dr. Peters at Colby@HumanSystems.co with any questions; information on bulk pricing and financial accommodations is available.
Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Peters using the hard copy Emotion Assessment pamphlet.

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HS Downloadable Emotion Assessment Pamphlet, 2nd Edition
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