MiniCert #1: HS Emotion Wheels


We offer an accessible way to get certified to use our most popular tools: the HS MiniCert. We strongly suggest you take the MiniCerts in order, starting with the HS Emotion Wheel MiniCert.

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In 90 minutes, you will learn:

  • What emotions are and why we have them, according to scientific research.
  • How we make emotions, according to scientific research.
  • How to use emotions to become more self-aware and make better choices.
  • How to use both the original and virtual HS Emotion Wheels.
  • How to use the “Using Emotions” worksheet to deconstruct emotions around a specific event.
  • The development process behind the HS Emotion Wheels.
  • Suggestions for using HS Emotion Wheels with clients and children.

When you sign up and pay for the session, you will receive:

  • A set of HS Emotion Wheels (hard copies or downloadable) – a $17 value!
  • Word and PDF versions of the worksheet “Using  Emotions to Explore My Experience of an Event” (see “Individual Growth Worksheets” in the HS Shop for a preview of the worksheet) – a $15 value!
  • One-on-one, personalized instruction with Dr. Peters.
  • A recording of the session for your personal use.

After successfully completing* the session, you will receive:

  • A printable PDF certificate indicating successful completion of the HS Emotion Wheels MiniCert, including your name and the date.
  • A Human Systems HS Emotion Wheels MiniCert logo for your website (color and black and white versions).

Group sessions also available for $150 per person.

*Successful completion of an HS MiniCert session includes:

  • Verbal or written check-in within 5 minutes of the session start.
  • Camera on for the entire session.
  • Adherence to respectful participation guidelines, including confidentiality and non-judgmental engagement.
  • Completion of brief feedback form.

**Payment for the session is refundable in full up to 72 hours prior to the session start, less material costs. We really want you to take the class and we know things happen, so if you can’t make it and you can’t let us know 72 hours in advance, we are happy to reschedule you another session if you contact us within 24 hours after the missed session.

What participants are saying about the HS Emotion Wheels MiniCert:

The workshop was great, and I think all humans should engage in this practice of understanding emotions and utilizing the emotions wheel. The most impactful thing I learned was practicing with the Emotions worksheet and HS Virtual Emotion Wheel on a real life example that I am dealing with. –Anonymous Participant, February 2023

The most impactful concept I learned from this workshop was how emotions are made. Dr. Peters is very professional and an empathic listener. She is also a fantastic communicator and explains the concepts very clearly.  –Anonymous Participant, February 2023

The most impactful think I learned from this workshop was how to identify the cause and effect of any emotional imbalance I might have, using the Human Systems tools. Dr. Peters demonstrated empathy so I felt assured and able to open up during the session. This session empowered my trust in Human Systems.  –Anonymous Participant, January 2023

I love that Dr. Peters took the emotion wheel a step further with HS Need Wheels. Navigating from identifying one’s emotions to identifying one’s needs was very interesting and eye opening. Sometimes we are guilty of assuming what others need or not understanding what we ourselves need. These tools are helping me identify what I need so I can fulfill that need! Dr. Peters’ use of examples with her own feelings help to better illustrate the content was especially helpful. We may not know what we need so a guide and some examples were very insightful. The workshop was a great value and having the tools in advance was helpful because we had time to become familiar with them. I was left with a lot of knowledge and excited to learn more!   –Kim Herlehy, Health Coach

Loved it so much! The most interesting thing I learned was where emotions come from and identifying the needs related to the emotion. [The material] was very digestible. I love even more research behind things but I felt it went deep enough without “getting into the weeds”.   –Anonymous Participant

I love the part where we talked about how there is so much more that goes into thought and emotion; there is lived experience, trauma, current stressors, and what we feel in our bodies that all contribute to how we experience our emotions. Dr. Peters created a space where she not only taught the tools, but helped us experience them at the same time. Combining the two was so incredibly helpful.  –Tara Thackeray, LCSW

Loved the workshop! It was so refreshing to see emotions being discussed and implemented in the workspace and everyday life. What I found most interesting about the workshop was listening to other people and their experience with emotions. I appreciate Dr. Peters’ and her openness. She is living her life by expressing her emotions which shows that her research is important to her, as she develops more effective ways for emotions to become part of everyday conversation.  –Victoria Shae Wright, Teacher

The most interesting thing about the workshop was learning how how past experiences/thoughts/feelings all work together to create the emotions we tap into and how we can potentially coach around all of those to create new awareness for our clients.  –Anonymous Participant

The workshop was super helpful to me. Understanding how to drill down to the exact emotion I or others are having, is a game changer; it feels deeply satisfying to know specifically what I’m feeling.  –Alicia Economos, Founder of the Wholehearted Living Mentor Coaching Program

The most interesting thing I learned was how to dissect an event more to get to the past experiences, feelings, and thoughts underneath the emotion. It was also helpful to learn about the research behind your work – I plan to read more about that. I also enjoyed learning about the HS Needs Wheel and the balance between safety/growth and individuality/relationship needs.  –Tyler Danke, Mental Health Technician & Youth Development Specialist


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