MiniCert #2: HS Needs Wheels MiniCert


We offer an accessible way to get certified to use our most popular tools: the HS MiniCert. We strongly suggest you take the MiniCerts in order, starting with the HS Emotion Wheel MiniCert.

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In 90 minutes, you will learn about:

  • The origin and development of the HS Needs Wheels.
  • The two primary scientific theories behind the HS Needs Wheel, including Self Determination Theory and Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation.
  • How emotions and needs relate to each other.
  • The benefits of using a tool like the HS Needs Wheel.
  • How to use both the original and virtual HS Needs Wheels.
  • How to use the “Emotions, Needs & Choices” Worksheet (see preview of worksheet in the Individual Growth Worksheets).
  • Best practices for using the HS Needs Wheels with clients and children.

When you sign up and pay for the session, you will receive:

  • A set of HS Needs Wheels (hard copies or downloadable) – a $10 value!
  • Word and PDF versions of the worksheet “Emotions, Needs, & Choices” (see “Individual Growth Worksheets” in the HS Shop) – a $15 value!
  • One-on-one, personalized instruction with Dr. Peters.
  • A recording of the session for your personal use.

After successfully completing* the session, you will receive:

  • A printable PDF certificate indicating successful completion of the HS Needs Wheels MiniCert, including your name and the date.
  • A Human Systems HS Needs Wheels MiniCert logo for your website (color and black and white versions).

Group sessions also available for $150 per person.

*Successful completion of an HS MiniCert session includes:

  • Verbal or written check-in within 5 minutes of the session start.
  • Camera on for the entire session.
  • Adherence to respectful participation guidelines, including confidentiality and non-judgmental engagement.
  • Completion of brief feedback form.

**Payment for the session is refundable in full up to 72 hours prior to the session start, less material costs. We really want you to take the class and we know things happen, so if you can’t make it and you can’t let us know 72 hours in advance, we are happy to reschedule you another session if you contact us within 24 hours after the missed session.

What participants are saying about the HS Needs Wheels MiniCert:

The connection between internal and external locus of control was extremely impactful. Even if we get really good at labelling our emotions, it was eye opening to realize that many of us default to external factors outside of our control to meet our need. It’s really empowering to learn new ways to easily identify unmet needs using the HS Needs Wheel, while exploring other ways to meet these needs by focusing on actions and behaviors we can control.   – Jeff Risely, Founder, Sales Health Alliance, March 2023


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MiniCert #2: HS Needs Wheels MiniCert
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