Talking Circles

Talking Circles are a 60- or 90-minute sharing group to strengthen listening skills, empathy, and create psychological safety in your organization. I developed the HS Talking Circle after studying various kinds of sharing groups, including Indigenous Peoples Talking Circles, Quaker meetings, 12-step programs, and consensus-based discussion models. I created the principles and guidelines for a Human Systems Talking Circle to meet the needs of both personal and professional systems.

Talking Circles can also be used as a powerful systems assessment tool. I use qualitative research techniques to analyze recordings from Talking Circle sessions; these analyses reveal both systems challenges and possible pathways to solutions.

Talking Circles are most effective when they are conducted on a regular basis with consistent participation.

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Positive outcomes from Human Systems Talking Circles are strongly supported by scientific research. Doctoral student Joshua Aceves from Walla Walla University developed a logic model to show how Talking Circles work and what short-term and long-term outcomes can be expected in an organization that participates in a Talking Circle series. Download a PDF of the logic model to learn more about research-supported Talking Circle outcomes.

Watch a video to learn more about how a Human Systems Talking Circle works.

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